The Long Weekend

The weekend that has just passed was nothing but heavenly.

In preparation of what is bound to be a stressful move, the man and I had a long weekend together so that we would have some nice memories when we are drowning in boxes and trying to work out how to drive the hired van. We basically did, well, not a lot.We refrained from any sort of packing or organising and even moved the boxes to where we couldn’t see them. This enabled us to enjoy some much needed time together that wasn’t related to discussing logistics and finances. We also reminisced on the past 3 years we have spent together with all it’s good, bad and amusing bits. We had a wonderful time.

We did however go to see the new Cohen Brothers film called Burn After Reading. It was as I expected a Cohen Brothers film to be, very good with plenty of twists in plot line, not all unexpected however. If you have seen their other recent effort, No Country for Old Men, and enjoyed it the I would suggest going to see Burn After reading. It will keep you amused for a couple of hours.

I would also like to take this opportunity to encourage cooks who find following a recipe always makes food go wring to just wing it. This weekend I made a superb Victoria sponge cake with jam and butter cream icing in the middle by the ‘winging it’ method. It worked better than any cake I have ever made from a recipe.

But today, he has gone to work, and I am left with the flat which, after a weekend of not lifting a finger, looks like a small child has been destroying. The kitchen has already been tackled and I can see more packing screaming to be done so I really should get back to it.

Until next time


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