I decided that the best, most effective, way to organise a move to London would be to make lists. So far I have only made one. It is a list of all of the companies who need to be notified of the move for both of us.

I have decided that until you move, you really have no concept of just haw many people in lots of different places actually hold an awful lot of information about you. The list I made includes standard things like electricity company, water board TV license etc. It’s when you get down to the nitty gritty of things that you realise just how much you have subscribed to/signed up for over the months/years of your current occupancy. Websites and catalogues that you ordered from once persist in mailing you with magazines and special offers despie your best efforts to get off their mailing lists, your annual update from an organisation or society that you joined, the doctors or dentists surgery reminding you about some check up or another. The list covers a whole side of A4 lined paper that is split into 2 columns! And it’s not just the irritation of making a list in the first place. You then have to use said list to find the telephone numbers on paperwork or the internet so you can call the compaines. The companies then tell you they require the notification in writing but don’t have the address so you go back to paperwork/internet for the address. It is nothing short of a pain in the bottom.

Thankfully, most companies now allow you to change address on websites which is marvellous but for the rest of it – I’m just going to send a standard letter to them all. I cannot be bothered to ring 20 different kinds of call centre.

On a brighter note, the process of sorting, throwing away and packing various aspects of the flat have been very theraputic becuase I have realised it’s not me who’s messy and disorganised, it’s him.


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