Blogging for the first time


I guess this is a welcome to my blog. I have never done this before so for those of you who choose to read my thoughts, please be patient, I don’t expect to be any good at this. I have been inspired by reading a friends blog about his move to Dubai for the past year or so. He is the Englishman in Dubai. Go and visit him but bear in mind he has been at this a lot longer than me so don’t judge my attempts too harshly.

I have started this blog in order to track my move from being a country girl to living in the biggest city in the Country. It’s not that I have never been away from the country – I did a three year stint in a very smoggy town for University – but I have never lived in, or even been terribly fond of, big cities. It is a fear of the unknown that has fed my reasoning for not moving to a city but circumstances have led me now to the point where I am about to face the unknown.

My present circumstance is as an unemployed flat packer up-er and cleaner but i will provide a brief history of how I achieved this glorious title.

During the aforementioned stint at University, I happened to meet a rather lovely man and we have stuck together through thick and thin since then. Once I graduated I had a brief job hunting stint before landing myself my ‘dream job’ near Oxford. I moved and my man followed me. He then landed his ‘dream job’ in the very eastern reaches of London. So we both went about our business of working for about eight months. After a minor breakdown and a lot of crying, I finally realised that my job was not what I wanted to do and a drastic change was needed to pull me out of my rut. The decision came quite quickly and with ease. We shall move to London.

I have visited London in the past and had nothing but good experiences there so my fear of the unknown has transformed into excitement about the unknown.

Those who know me are aware that I am a planner. I plan and plan and plan and then plan in case the plan of the plan doesn’t quite come off. Taking this into account – the fact that I am moving to a City where I know few people and have no job to go to is really a very big thing for me. This blog is here to represent my journey from here to there. There’s probably going to be some insane rants along the way and plenty of entries that relate neither to moving nor me but if you bear with me, I’m sure I’ll make sense in the end.

Happy reading



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